Hi 👋
I'm Zach Jensz

I love building and teaching the web - HTML, CSS and JS are my superpowers!

Tech I work with:

  • 📖Semantic HTML & ARIA
  • 🩸Bleeding edge CSS, SCSS
  • ⚡Modern JavaScript
  • Popular Frameworks (Svelte, React)
  • SVG, graphic design, image editing
  • Nodejs, pnpm, vite
  • Git, GitHub, Netlify
  • Vim & Visual Studio Code
  • Unix CLI, Linux desktop
  • Google and Stack Overflow 😄
  • Firefox/Chromium dev tools

Tech I want to learn:

  • Typescript
  • Testing i.e. Jest/Vitest
  • Rust
  • WASM
  • Threejs, Blender

Courses I've taken:

Learn React Today Kyle Cook (Webdevsimplified)

This was a super concise course that got me up to speed with React

CSS Demystified Kevin Powell

Actually learned the inner workings of CSS: The cascade, specificity, etc.

Creative Front-End Dev Ed

One of the first courses I took, got me up to speed with super basic HTML/CSS.



Math Solver

I love helping out the WebDev community

I pop into Stack Overflow to answer questions, moderate several web development servers on Discord, and have contributed to MDN.

Get in touch:

website@zachjensz.com YouTube GitHub LinkedIn